Author Max von Theben


Behind the pseudonym Max von Theben stands Maximilian Huber (born in 1989). He is the creative engine of the team and originally had the idea to create a place at which a community enerates artistic projects. He plans the projects, writes and produces the plays. Emigrating in 2012 to Buenos Aires, he first studied photography and returned in 2013 to Germany. Since then he studies parallel studies of educational science (B.A), spanish and international literature (B.A).

Plays (choice)

Randerscheinungen (Marginals) (2013)

Der verdorbene Apfel (The spoilt apple) (2014)

Der Gott der Träume (God of dreams) (2015)

Helena und der kleine Tod (Little death) (2015)

Die Ableserin (Counting water) (since 2015)

Badehaus Boudoir (Bathhouse Boudoir) (since 2016)


Randerscheinungen (2013)

Der verdorbene Apfel (2014)

Der Gott der Träume (2015)

Badehaus Boudoir (2017)

Children’s books

Möre und das Rätsel der Baba Jaga (2016)