First Chairman


Maximilian Huber


Creative Management, Writer, Director

Second Chairman


Julian-Maximilian Pietsch


Production, Financing, Marketing

Third Chairman


Judith Huber


Treasurer, Leader Requisite Pool

Fourth Chairman


Franziska Rotthat




Advisory Body



Project Manager

Emanuel Kasprowicz



The project manager is involved in the planning process of the current project and has in particular the duty of an accompanying function as a contact person. The project manager ist the head of the advisory board and the organizing team.


Organizing Team

Lisa Heck, Franziska Rotthat, Judith Huber, Markus Schaumann, Roman Raeithel-Ganser


The organizing team is responsible for internal changes and the expiries. Moreover, they plan all around the project, as for example the organisation of events.


Advisory Council

Tine Polzer, Markus Schaumann



The Advisory Council is responsible for conflict management and appearing difficulties.