Badehaus Boudoir 2017




Projekt Randerscheinungen presents for the five year anniversary the myterious Badehaus Boudoir.


A murder series leads officer Alfonsin to the Boudoir. The owner Luxuria and her followers receive mysterious guests. The truth about a lot of secrets is about to come to the surface – and Luxuria is ready to go to the extreme to defend her place on the throne.


In a magic spectacle comedy, grotesque and horror combine into a breathtaking explosion. Past and present, dreams and nightmares become blurred in magnificent madness.


Will the Boudoir in this evening reveal its secrets? Drop yourselves.


In a storm of passion, vice and desire. Languages above words are to be spoken, so let us guide you through the dancing dreams of an stage performance that you won’t forget.


Writer & Director:  Max von Theben

Asst. Director:  Emanuel Kasprowicz

Choreography:  Lydia Dittlein

Director Videos:  Benine Mayer

Poster:  Maximilian Gutmair & Carmen Celewitz

Created by:  Julian-Maximilian Pietsch & Max von Theben



Dr. Regina Kläger, Lydia Dittlein, Tine Polzer, Emanuel Kasprowicz, Norbert Waldmann, Uli Geske, Souhaila Amade, Roman Raeithel-Ganser, Julian Pietsch, Markus Schaumann, Dr. Miguel Dominguez, Max von Theben