The spoilt apple 2014




Photos: © Julian Leitenstorfer


Niederlingen, a small place in the heart of the moor, gets unusual visit from Paris. In the midst of the provincial fullness of the country Clémence de Gauthier and Dr. Tromperie turn up. The dubious pair has the plan to record a documentation about the moor and the inhabitants. The people meet the idea with reluctance, however, in rough times for the place they get involved in the offer. More and more Clémence de Gauthier and the film plan disturb Niederlingens order. The past is whirled up: Could the appearance of the French link up with the disappearance of a boy in the moor thirteen years ago? The play is about a crime. The crime of a whole village, in which the preservation of the normality does not shrink back from the dignity of a human life. Inspired by „The visit“ by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, it shows the willingness of people to get used to inhumanity.



Souhaila Amade, Julian Entrup-Galindo, Christine Polzer, Roman Raeithel-Ganser, Norbert Waldmann, Daniel Antoni, Markus Schaumann, Monika Friesl-Junker, Gisela Weichenrieder, Joan König, Steven Hicks, Ros Hinrichs, Simon Kares, Alexandra Hartmann, Christine Wachsmuth und Dr. Regina Kläger



Judith Huber, Jessica Stolpmann, Franziska Rotthat, Roswitha Friedrichsdorf, Juanne Schluifelder, Lisa Heck und Christl Sedlmaier


Singer: Verena Hamel


Writer & director: Max von Theben

Asst. Director: Julian-Maximilian Pietsch


Created by: Julian-Maximilian Pietsch & Max von Theben