Marginals 2013




Photos: © Thorsten Jordan

Episodic play

Impulse for the play gave the upcoming return of a stay abroad. It is a reconditioning of social and personal conflicts. The origin process of the piece took place in cooperation with the players. The result were different episodic scenes. A doctor presents through the eyes of her patient specific perceptions of a small town. The play is about the pressure of society and their dealings with norm-divergent behaviour, such as homosexuality, adoption, handicaps. transsexuality and gender. It is a piece about normality and non-normality. It is the tendency of people living in more remote and rural areas of society to ascribe images of the fringe individual to the major cities.  



Dr. Regina Kläger, Bea Ball, Vinzenz Neumair, Juanne Schluifelder, Julian Entrup-Galindo, Raphaela Kriegl, Christine Wachsmuth, Christine Polzer, Duc Doan, Darya Hoff, Jenny Petrenko, Mirjam Walter, Maximilian Huber und Alexandra Hartmann.



Judith Huber, Jessica Stolpmann, Franziska Rotthat, Roswitha Friedrichsdorf, Christl Sedlmaier


Authors & directors: Max von Theben & Julian Pietsch