The god of dreams 2015




Photos: © Thorsten Jordan

Satirical comedy

4 women. 4 lives. 4 decades later.


Former friends Marzella, Paola, Hannah and Pezi have lost themselves out of sight. After 40 years they meet on a common weekend. Each of them failed their dreams and soon they start arguing vehemently. Will they find out the truth about one another? And above all: Why has Marzella invited, after 40 years, to this coffee date? Women who quarrel about power, recognition and confirmation, is one of the most malicious things. Will they find a way to understand one another? Beside their passion to psychotropic substances, they share their dreams: the dreams of a better life and a by-gone past.





Dr. Regina Kläger, Christine Wachsmuth, Angelika Engl, Nikita Janson, Nadine Waldmann, Markus Schaumann, Christine Polzer, Verena Hamel, Lena Wachsmuth, Franziska Rotthat und Norbert Waldmann



Judith Huber, Franziska Rotthat, Lisa Heck, Tine Polzer, Lena Wachsmuth und Christl Sedlmaier


Writer & Director: Max von Theben

Asst. Director: Markus Schaumann


Created by: Julian-Maximilian Pietsch & Max von Theben